img_1507_smallMy name is Sara. I started earning money as young as the age of 12 in which I held my first babysitting jobs. I continued to babysit through my teen years and as a college student I up-scaled to a full time position as a nanny.  I worked as a nanny for a number of years and then moved onto a preschool teacher position at a Montessori school. I live in the Silicon Valley and even with such a rich job market, I made less than $24,000 a year.

In 2002 I had my son and became a stay at home mom. I loved being able to care for my own son but I still wanted to help contribute financially. My husband and I had always wanted me to stay home and raise our children so me getting a job which was outside of the home was not an option. I had started up selling hot items on eBay during the Christmas season. Remember those Furreal Friends? I made $3k in profits from November to December when people were desperate to pay $130 for those silly toy cats when I paid only $20 for them at Walmart.

After seeing the success I had with eBay, I  wanted to move onto some sort of specific online business. My son whom was two, really found an interest in Thomas The Train wooden toys. I took his love for the trains to help me discover that there was a real market for these wooden toy trains. So I then opened up an online toy train shop in which I sold Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Toys. My fist year, I slammed down 10k on products to stock my inventory and was able to make a 5k profit for my first year.

My marriage became rocky during this time and by my first year anniversary with my online store, I discovered my then husband was having an affair. We separated immediately and divorced within a year. I had received a double whammy the week I found out about the affair; I also received a letter from my main toy train competitor issuing a cease and desist letter and demanding I not only turn over my web domain to him but also pay him $1200 to cover lawyer fees and profits loss to his business. He claimed my site stole business from him because our site names were similar and that people “mistakenly” purchased from me thinking it was his site. I was still in shock of the affair and emotionally I was not stable to fight the lawsuit. So I complied and turned over my site and paid the jerk $1200.00 to avoid going to court.

Reality set in that I could not provide for my son on my own. I suddenly had a mortgage to take care of on my own plus all of the bills that had accrued through the divorce. I knew I could not go back to a nanny position or a preschool teacher. I had to find a career. I needed something to earn me decent money FAST!

With no other options, I returned to college with no real plan on what career path to take. Two years into school, I wound up in a dental assisting program. I enjoyed it and I had the potential to earn a bit more than a nanny position. I graduated from the program in June 2008. I began looking for a position and discovered that landing a good position was going to be a difficult task and that I shouldn’t rush into just any position that was thrown at me.

Since I had a lot of  “free time” on my hands, I decided to try out Internet Marketing. I entered the world of internet marketing in late September 2008. With no real Internet marketing background or even just basic knowledge, I was hungry for a program that would take my hand and walk me through it.

I tried the Profit Lance System and that was a pretty good intro into the IM world.

I then discovered The Niche Blogger and started a few niche blogs. This system was just what I needed that took my hand and guided me through learning about domains, setting up wordpress and showed me how to promote my niche blogs. Today I still have a niche blog that I consider pretty successful since it consistently earns about $8.00 a day and I have not touched it in 2 years!

I then discovered micro niche sites and it was this plan that finally worked for me. I saw my earnings develop pretty rapidly from when I built my first micro niche sites in October 2009 and those sites are earning even more today. Check out my earnings report.

Come watch me succeed with my goal to earn $5k a month with my internet business.